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So Long, Art



Art Carney, a proficient and beloved actor with more than 25 movie credits, died Tuesday, November 11 2003.

Although Art only played one supervillain in the series -- The Archer, episodes 35 and 36 -- he left an indelible mark on TV in general with his role as Ed Norton on The Honeymooners. I think his best work, however, may have been his Oscar-winning performance in HARRY AND TONTO, a favorite film of mine. Art was truly an actor, and not just a comedian. (Oh, and we shouldn't forget that he created the role of Felix Unger on Broadway in the original ODD COUPLE.)

Thanks, Art -- I'll bet you're hanging around with Jackie Gleason right now. You will never be forgotten.


Thanks, Milton



Milton Berle, a comic genius and television pioneer, died Wednesday, March 27 2002, due to cancer.

I will always remember Milton as Louie the Lilac, one of the most popular villains from the Batman TV series. For this role, he assumed a wonderful menacing personality that contrasted perfectly with his comic timing -- the show was a perfect showcase for Milton's talents. Like Egghead (Vincent Price) and Riddler (Frank Gorshin), we kids truly believed that Louie the Lilac was a villain... he was that good... and the moment the episode ended, he was again the one and only Uncle Miltie.

Thanks, Milton -- for much more than just Louie the Lilac. You will never be forgotten.



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