There's a world of Batman fans out there, and these links will help you reach about 90% of them! By my estimate, anyway... if you have any BatLinks you'd like to see featured on this page, please drop me a line.

TV: Batman: The Classic 60's Series

The Adam West Fan Page - Need an autographed picture of the Caped Crusader? Also includes fan club information.

The Yvonne Craig Fan Page - The original (and best!) Batgirl offers autographed pictures and AVI files to download!

The Batman Batfan Page - Yet another of our sister Geocities sites, specializing in our favorite show... David loves the series as much as I do! Colorful and well-done, not to be missed!

The Original 1966 Batmobile Site - A superb tribute to the only real Batmobile! Includes a comprehensive look at the 60's series Batmobile... A MUST-SEE site!


DC Comics - The official online site for DC Comics, the home of the continuing comic adventures of Batman in his many forms.

General Interest

HammerCo Online Collector's Guide - A very comprehensive guide for Batman collectibles of all types. Find out how much that item is worth!

The Catwoman Page - I LIKE this one, indeed! A fine tribute to Catwoman, with graphics, original fiction and more!

The BatLinks Page - A huge, well-organized and comprehensive list of Batman-related Web sites... highly recommended!