Although I've been collecting photographs, toys, memorabilia and multimedia from the 60's TV series for more than three decades now, The Batmobile is my overwhelming passion... for me, this modification of the Futura show car will forever be the most beautiful automobile ever built! Luckily, the popularity of the TV series and the car have produced a wide variety of Bat-vehicle collectibles over the years -- in this corner of The BatCave, I display my rapidly-growing museum of Batmobile Automobilia!

The AHI Batmobile/Joker Slotcar Race Set!

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get any better -- or rarer -- than this, the centerpiece of my Batmobile collection! The Batmobile shown is one of two cars in the set (the Joker drives a spiffy pink dune buggy), and my set is in MINT, UNUSED condition, with all 37 pieces and the box in excellent shape! As far as I know, the set was only produced for a single year, so either you bought one in 1974 or you're going to pay a princely sum today! Along with the track sections, the set includes a 4 'D' cell battery pack, two controllers and a number of really nifty standup cardboard pieces to populate your racetrack.

The Azrak-Hamway Radio-Controlled Batmobile

Radio-controlled Batmobiles are harder to come by, and this is the only R/C car I know of that was based upon the Barris design! The toy was manufactured in 1977; the body is accurate except for the completely-contained bubble windshields, which are transparent blue and light up when the car is on. The controller is marked "Power Command", and features a single large button that turns the car. I like to take this one out for a spin at least once a week.

The Corgi Diecast Batmobile

This early 70's Batmobile model from Corgi (#267) is in mint condition -- in fact, I've never taken it out of the box! It fires plastic missles from the "pipe organ" tubes at the back of the car, flames rotate around the jet exhaust and the front of the car displays the rare "fence cutter" blade. The car is nicely-detailed, with accurate decals... naturally, the Dynamic Duo are included.

The Japanese ASC Batmobile

A late 60's all-metal, battery-operated beauty from ASC of Japan -- although the colors may be a little garish, this Batmobile is a full foot long, and both Batman and Robin are in the cockpit! The red warning light on top blinks as the car moves, you'll hear a neat "jet engine noise" and the rear jet exhaust and the "pipe organ" tubes light up. I have to say that this is my personal favorite! (You'll also see a similar Taiwanese toy a bit farther down this page.)

The Aurora T-Jet Slot Car

Only the size of a Hot Wheels car, the Aurora T-Jet is still wonderfully detailed, with authentic pinstriping and decals! With the motor and contacts, it's heavier than you might expect. This one is hard to find in good condition these days -- I got lucky and got a bargain on mine -- so if you find one in decent shape at a garage sale or flea market, pick it up!

The Mego Batmobile

This all-plastic Batmobile replica from the early 70's was designed to hold the Mego Batman and Robin 8" figures, so it's the longest car in my collection. Although it's not true to scale, the front of the Mego Batmobile looks EXACTLY like the Batmobile you see in the show's title sequence, so it's a great display piece! This variety of Batmobile lacks a windscreen and jet exhaust, but the chrome silver wheels have a really nice Batsymbol in red.

The Taiwanese Mystery Machine

It's motorized, it's Taiwanese... and boy, is it red! The body and mechanics of this rare beauty is identical to the Japanese ASC Batmobile, but the decal treatment is very different and it's a dashing shade of red. I don't know much about the manufacturer or the date on this model (although the toy is in mint shape and I have the box), so if you do please leave me email and let me know!

The Avon Batmobile

Yep, you read that right... the '76 Avon Batmobile holds a whopping 6 ounces of bubble bath! A single piece of plastic, but still a neat (if stylized) version of the Batmobile basic shape. Mine is in mint condition in the original box, which is very colorful as well. And to answer your next question, you "unscrew" the jet exhaust to pour the liquid!

The Corgi Micromodel Batmobile

This amazing 1/160th scale model of the original Corgi #267 Batmobile (see above for the full-size version) features EVERYTHING that's in the original kit: the box, the instructions, the Batmobile Owner Badge and even the Corgi Model Club Form! The entire box is only a fraction bigger than a half-dollar. This miniature was hand-made by Miky Possanza, a craftsman who lives in MaserÓ Di Padova, Italy. The detail is just unbelievable!

The Simms Batmobile

This version is over 8 inches long, with accurate slotted mag wheels. As you can see from the image, Batman and Robin are solid blue and red... but hey, we're talking toy here! Excellent detail on the body of the car.

The Duncanmobile Batmobile

Ah, OK... so evidently the Caped Crusader changed his name to "Duncanman" -- and boy, does he have a flair for orange, yellow and red stripes! My Duncanmobile is mint, with white slotted wheels, white organ pipe exhaust and a trailer hitch (presumably for the Duncanboat)! It was made in Mexico, which is probably why those side stripes read "Duncanmovil" on my piece. Batman, Robin and the entire interior of the car are solid red, and the body is formed from the same mold as the Simms Batmobile.

The Ceramic Batmobile

It's tiny, it's cute... and it's accurate! (At least, as reasonably accurate as one could expect from a clay-fired, hand-made ceramic piece.) This little beauty is Barris through-and-through.

The Azrak-Hamway Batmobile and Batboat

Although the Batboat was never towed on a trailer in the series -- it had its own pier at Gotham Harbor -- the Dynamic Duo can always take off for a weekend's fun! This 1974 Batmobile, Batboat and trailer combination was made in Hong Kong for Azrak-Hamway; it's friction-powered, and the Batboat really floats! The opaque green windshield may have made driving a little harder for Batman, though.

The Imai 1/32 Scale Model Kit

Now when's the last time you saw the Dynamic Duo look like this? This Japanese import model kit is in mint, unassembled condition -- luckily, the actual kit does not feature those white sidewall tires or completely inaccurate wheels, but the decals are not to scale, the chain-cutting blade is wrong and the interior detail is lacking. Still, the kit is a fine beginning for any scale modeler who can scratchbuild. I'll leave mine in the box as a collectible!

The License Plate

Even the Batmobile needs a license plate -- remember, Batman and Robin adhere strictly to the law -- but this rare stamped metal sign made in 1966 is meant for a bicycle, not the Batmobile! I've been able to verify that this number was never actually used on any of the Barris Batmobiles. The graphics are outstanding, though, with both of the Dynamic Duo and the '60's comic logo.

The Super Powers Batmobile

OK, OK, I know this isn't actually a Batmobile from the Barris design, but the Super Powers Batmobile from 1984 is almost as attractive -- and this car is actually much rarer (and therefore more valuable) than the more popular earlier design! The front of the car has a retractable ram for knocking down walls and doors, while the back end features a cool Batclaw that can trap criminals (just to hold them immoble... I doubt the Caped Crusader would drag a supervillain around behind his vehicle). Mine is a mint specimen, and I have the matching Super Powers Batman to drive it.

That's yours truly, Mark L. Chambers, on the prowl with Batman -- Robin had to study for an algebra test!


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