My fascination with the Caped Crusader began with this wonderful show and Adam West, who appealed to both kids like me and our parents as well. I was 5 years old when the show first appeared, and I was hooked -- I never missed a single episode! His portrayal of Batman will always be my favorite -- and Burt Ward was equally a natural as the enthusiastic Boy Wonder. Never before had humor and action been welded together so perfectly, and it's a good bet you'll never see anything like the BATMAN TV series again!

The show was an instant hit. Although it ran for only three short seasons, many of Hollywood's finest appeared in BATMAN, either as villains or in cameo appearances. My favorite villains are the immortal Burgess Meredith as The Penguin and the maniacal Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, and I'm working on separate sections of the Cave just for them... other favorite villains are Joan Collins as The Siren, Victor Buono as King Tut, and Vincent Price as Egghead.

Classic TV Series Goodies from the BatCave Library

The Episode Guide - A complete listing of each episode for all three seasons. "You can't tell the episodes without a program!" (ASCII text)

Sounds and Music!

Robin joins in the fight! - A great sound clip from the Batman movie, with Robin joining the battle against the four supervillains! (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

Nothing's sacred! - Batman sums up what's wrong with every felonious fiend that appeared on the show... (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

Watch out, Batman! - Robin senses danger, this could be a set-up! (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

A Joyous Penguin! - The immortal Burgess Meredith is about to spring a trap on the Dynamic Duo... (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

The Batmobile! - The entire beautiful Batmobile startup sequence, from the moment that Adam shouts the famous line 'To the Batmobile!' to the screaming tires as they exit the BatCave! (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

Holy Hole-in-a-Donut! - One of the more memorable "Holy" moments! Thanks, Burt Ward! (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)

Ordinary? - Batman and Robin in full costume (not that you can see them, of course, but take my word for it) assure a dubious, slightly frightened citizen that they are perfectly ordinary! (8-bit mono sound file in Windows .WAV format)


They're on the move! - A beautiful shot of the Dynamic Duo in the Batmobile, right before they leave the BatCave -- folks, it's scenes like this that made me the Bat-Fanatic that I am today! (JPEG format)

Citizens, take heart! - Burt in his best pose, ready to defend Gotham City from those heinous thugs! (JPEG format)

Robin squares off against Riddler! - A wonderful campy shot of Frank "attacking" Burt. Boy, would I feel scared... grin! (JPEG format)

Adam behind the wheel! - Without a doubt, this is the single best-known color photograph of the Batmobile, with the perfect angle from the side of the car! Adam's behind the wheel, too -- this publicity shot was taken during the first day of outdoor shooting for the TV series. A great high-resolution shot... make it your desktop background today! (JPEG format)

Build the Batmobile and Batplane! - If you're both a Batman collector and a modeler like I am, this scan of an original Aurora comics advertisement from 1966 will drive you crazy: 98 CENTS EACH, "wherever toys and hobby products are sold!" Those same models now sell for hundreds of dollars... if you can find them. A great nostalgic image you won't want to miss! (JPEG format)

Greetings from The Dynamic Duo! - This has to be one of my all-time favorite Batmobile publicity shots, with Adam and Burt smiling into the camera from inside the car. A nice, crisp, well-scanned shot from the original photo in my collection. (JPEG format)

Classic animation! - Although this animation cel is actually taken from the Filmation cartoon series, it's VERY similar to the opening animated sequence from the '66 series! Note the stylized Batmobile in the background, which became the basis for the classic Mego Batmobile toy. For more on the Mego Batmobile, check my Online Batmobile Collection! (JPEG format)

The Batmobile and Batcycle! - The two most famous Bat-vehicles together in one great Original BatCave image -- this shot was likely taken while both the Batmobile and the Batcycle were touring together at an auto show. (JPEG format)

The Batmobile Today! - One of the five original Batmobiles created for the series, completely restored and parked in the owner's driveway! This is the most beautiful modern shot I have of the Barris Batmobile, and it will take your breath away if you love this vehicle as much as I do! Another image perfect for conversion as a Windows or MacOS background. (JPEG format)

Robin Defends the BatCave! - Another Original BatCave exclusive! This is a new scan of an autographed 8x10 glossy in my collection, a superb shot of Burt Ward as Robin in an action pose with a Batarang... obviously, a supervillain has somehow found the BatCave! A rare photo, since publicity shots of the Boy Wonder are harder to come by than shots of Batman. Very large, so it makes a great Windows or MacOS background if you convert it! (JPEG format)

The Entire Gang! - This is the full-size version of the thumbnail image you see in the header for this page, scanned directly from one of the 8x10 glossy photos in my collection... without a doubt, the best picture of all three of the Terrific Trio, and one of my favorite publicity photos from the show! Very large, so it makes a great Windows or MacOS background if you convert it! (JPEG format)

MAD Magazine salutes Batman! - Another exclusive original image from The Original BatCave: The 1966 MAD Magazine cover satirizing the Caped Crusader! What, me worry? (JPEG format)

Batgirl on her Batcycle! - One of the largest and clearest black-and-white promotional scans in my collection... the ravishing Yvonne Craig in her Batgirl costume, astride her unique Batcycle! Tremendous detail on the cycle... modelers, take note! (JPEG format)

The REAL Movie Poster! - The spectacular film poster for the 1966 Batman movie. This is the British version (note the King's English) -- an original hangs in my personal BatCave!

The Dynamic Duo! - A great shot of the Dynamic Duo from the famous cartoon sequence that began every show!

The TV Guide Cover! - Batman hits the cover of TV GUIDE! A classic shot of Adam West. (JPEG format)

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