The Readers Have Spoken!

Favorite Quotes from Readers Straight from

"For the first timer, this book is a must have. "

"This book is a great all--around computer assembly and upgrade manual."

"I give this book a grade of A+ and have recommended it to my family and friends."

"I will recommend it to my friends and family, the author did a good job."

"This book is a must-read for anyone desiring to exploit the hidden benefits of Windows, enabling anyone who reads it to smugly acquire an edge on better performance and outstanding accomplishment that makes a difference. "

"Chambers, in as few words as possible, tells you not only how to do something but why you should or shouldn't do it. He has a knack for covering in a few pages what other books take a chapter to cover. I highly recommend this book for intermediate to advanced users. It's a keeper."

"I love the way the books are arranged in such a way that all the facts on one subject are all together so you can take care of everything all at once. The optimizing tips were wonderful! My PC is running faster than ever."

"Best damn Windows 98 book I ever read!"

"Overall, no better reference is available at this time. It's a great book."



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